We go Beyond DEI
Social Justice is Our Frame

Cultivating inclusion and safety in the workplace and beyond. 


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As we reflect on our 2017 beginnings, we are finalizing plans that support the longevity and sustainability of our commitment to enacting change. To achieve this, we ask for support from our community. By donating to OAAARS, you will be funding the expansion of our team and the acquisition of resources needed to support the mental and emotional well-being of our consultants. We believe that the preservation of the work we love to do starts with centering our team. Thank you for being here, and for investing not only in what we produce but in our mission to create an equitable future. 

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Our trainers identify not only as consultants, but also as
Organizers, Activists, artists,  &  AdvocateS.

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1. Apply

Fill out our application to be matched with an opportunity within OAAARS that best corresponds to your area of expertise. 

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Our team will take the time to get to know you 1:1 to ensure we are a good fit.

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our mission

We are a people of the global majority-led consultancy that provides social justice-centered training and education to create safer and inclusive work environments while cultivating change agents in the workplace and beyond.

Our Frame

Equity is at the heart of this initiative. We believe that people of color and other marginalized identities deserve to have workspaces that center their humanity, push for social justice, & where they are seen, heard, and honored.

our vision

At OAAARS, we believe we must go beyond DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) and center Social Justice and Anti-Racism in our work. With our consultants as the guide, we re-imagine Professional Development as a tool for social justice, equity, and wellness.

What We Do

OAAARS utilizes the expertise of organizers, activists, artists, and advocates to organizations looking for JEDI (Justice. Equity.Diversity.Inclusion) training and to craft solutions that create inclusive and equitable workplace environments. With a people-first mentality, we provide the tools needed for individuals to become agents of change with lasting transformations. 

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Organizational Audits and

All too often, organizational leadership is unable to see where problems or blindspots exist within their organizations regarding DEI. OAAARS does the heavy lifting. Our consultants explore and advocate for opportunities that lie within those spaces and prompt the improvements needed to create safer and inclusive work environments. 

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Customized Professional
Development Services

Training programs, at large, are nonspecific and graze over deep-rooted workplace issues and neglect the factors that contribute to apathetic leadership. OAAARS has a collaborative approach. We value our ability to create custom programs that cater to the pain points of each client’s organization. 

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Coaching and Strategic

OAAARS trainings are rarely a “check the box” experience. Upon workshop completion, leaders often ask “where do we go from here?” OAAARS offers short and long-term coaching services to organizations that are looking to make DEI a part of their day-to-day culture.

we're grateful for the love

A woman working in an office

Working with OAAARS has been a deeply rewarding, mind-expanding experience that has transformed (and will continue to transform!) our organization for the better. The facilitator took the time to make every session, consultation, workshop, you-name-it, tailored to our specific community and organization, and both thought-provoking and actionable. OAAARS isn't afraid to call us out when we need it and pushes us to constantly take stock of our blind spots in ways that are both illuminating and productive. OAAARS' expertise shines at every level-- from marketing to help with staff training, to crafting mission statements, to programming. Their guidance has been, in a word, invaluable.

— Nicki F., Camp Scatico
A man working at a prep school

“OAAARS connected me with a consultant who brainstormed ways to incorporate Social Justice into the Science curriculum. They led me to informative resources on how microaggressions present themselves in school, discussed effective strategies for addressing microaggressions in the classroom, and recommended creative group activities for my students.”

— Michael W., York Prep School
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"OAAARS in-person workshop with our summer camp staff was a highlight of staff training. Staff, regardless of where they were in their own personal equity learning, left the training with new knowledge and tools to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Camp Huckins. OAAARS facilitation style created a space where staff felt safe to ask questions, even as the facilitator called individuals in when moments of implicit bias and blind spots were identified.  After a session with campers, staff requested a mid-summer workshop with OAAARS to delve deeper into specific topics and discuss real-time challenges that had arisen during the summer. It was a perfect mid-summer refocusing for our team.  We can't wait to work with OAAARS for our 2022 staff training!"

— Heather K., YMCA Camp Huckins